It Seems the Production Skill Acquired in Another World is the Strongest.Chapter 29

Kou Kousaka is an ordinary salaryman working overtime in a black company when a totally unprecedented event happens: he dies and is sent to another world.Unlike those other isekai novels where the main character decides to be a hero or a demon lord,

The Fate of the Returned HeroChapter 25

In a fraction of a second, an university student, Kashiwagi Yuuya was summoned to another world and came back. Time didn't pass in Japan, but Yuuya has completed the quest as a hero in another world and successfully returned. But to his surprise, he

Different World Slow Life Begun at the SmithChapter 17.5

One night, Eizo, a hapless corporate slave, saves a cat and gets hit by a truck. The cat which seems to be related to a parallel world, in return for his help, grants Eizo a skill of his wish and reincarnates him to another world. Eizo, who has craft

A Deceitful MarriageChapter 30

Our Duke, who came last year, returned without dying.Sylvia, a poor noble lady, left her house to avoid an unwanted marriage.The place Sylvia made her new home is the Dukes of War fanatic Victor Aswan.Rumored to be a vicious killer, he is destined to

Ramia – Hero & Demon Lord ChroniclesChapter 9.2

The fantasy tale of the eccentric and mysterious Hero Ramia, and the demons opposing her

A Heroic Tale About Starting With a Personal Relations Cheat(Ability) and Letting Others Do the JobChapter 3
ActionRomanceMartial artsSupernatural

The hero and weapon are the strongest connections! An exhilarating fantasy that lurks from the back of the world!Ned, a young man who has been behind many of the world's greatest achievements, using a weapon known as human networking.One day, however

Devilish GirlfriendChapter 125HOT
ActionComedyMartial arts

The Nameless Monster-The Spider, the Girl, and the Grotesque MurdersChapter 40

Midnight. Awakened by the echoing sound in my room, I was met with a frightening pair of "legs." Since then, as if wishing to merely make its presence known, it remained in my room without letting itself be seen. In the same way it was spreading its

Monster Musume no Oishasanchapter 4.5

In the town of Lindworm where monsters and humans coexist, Dr. Glenn runs an exemplary medical clinic for monster girls with his lamia assistant, Sapphee. Whether receiving a marriage proposal by a centaur injured in battle, palpating the injury of a

Kotokunibito Dungeon ni MoguruChapter 12

Kotokunibito Dungeon ni Moguru

Living in Another World by Taking Commissions ~A Relaxing and Comfy Life of The Restoration Magician's Staffing Agency~Chapter 16HOT

A man who died from overworking like livestock at a company was reincarnated as Sawadi, the third son of a merchant in a different world.I am good at restoration magic and support magic.He comes up with a new seed of business using that cheat like ma

I, The Abyssal, Have Decided to Save Humanity Again TodayChapter 105

I, The Abyssal, Have Decided to Save Humanity Again Today, , Despite Coming From the Abyss I Will Save Humanity , I Who Came From Hell Also Want Save Mankind The Abyssals represent pure destruction. They have unparalleled power and follow their inst

What I Get for Marrying a Demon GirlChapter 45

A romantic comedy where Tomoyuki is married to a demon for a wife, a literal honest to goodness demon.[hr][b]Links:[/b][*][url=https://twitter.com/nadeshiko0328]Author's Twitter[/url]

Koudou ni Hattatsu Shita Igaku wa Mahou to Kubetsu ga TsukanaiChapter 3

Realistic take on a modern doctor in another world treating fantasy creatures without magic or modern equipment

Isekai De Uwamae Hanete Ikiteiku ~Saisei Mahotsukai No Yuru Fuwa Jinzai Haken Seikatsu~Chapter 16HOT

Isekai De Uwamae Hanete Ikiteiku ~Saisei Mahotsukai No Yuru Fuwa Jinzai Haken Seikatsu manga, Living in Another World by Taking Commissions ~A Relaxing and Comfy Life of The Restoration Magician's Staffing Agency~ , A man who died from overworking

Observation Diary on a Creature I picked upChapter 65

Observation Diary on a Creature I picked up manga,

Otherworldly Record of the Magic Stone - Aisha's SalvationChapter 3

A young lady has been cursed and parasitized by a magic stone. She became an indescribable killing machine. All of this was just the price of her witch mother seeking revenge against the gods. But the young lady didn't surrender herself to fate. She

Miss Saintess Please Stop Your Wild Imagination! (I Transmigrated To Demon King Of Harem? )Chapter 17

Miss Saintess Please Stop Your Wild Imagination! manga, I Transmigrated To Demon King Of Harem? [Even if you adorn my body with graphoerotica, I, Saintess Polly, would never succumb to you, cunning demon lord! Whether it's strange drugs, special rem

No Game No Life Part 2: Eastern Union ArcChapter 9

The internet is full of rumors about the Neet and Hikikomori genius gamer siblings Sora and Shiro. The two go as far as to refer to the world as a "shit game", but then one day a young man calling himself "God" summons them to parallel universe. Ther

Monster Girl Plant DiaryChapter 6

Who knew that even a stationary plant could be surprisingly capable?!Our protagonist is a saintor was, until she was betrayed by one of her fellow saint apprentices as well as her fianc, a hero.In her final moments, she recalls her previous life, whe

The Splendid Job of a Monster MaidChapter 20

A demon world maid's cute and spooky fantasy action! Sumire, a nekomata, who lost her favorite master was wandering around, got lost, and arrived in a foreign country in the demon world?! With the android and undead maids, clean the demon's house bri

A New Living Arrangement With My Friend ♂ Turned SuccubusChapter 2

A New Living Arrangement With My Friend Turned Succubus manga,

Mermaid Melody AquaChapter 9
Tensei Shitara Ken Deshita Another WishChapter 14.6

Tensei Shitara Ken Deshita Another Wish , Another Story of I became the sword by transmigrating,Reincarnated as a Sword Another Wish , Another WishTogether with her master, Fran challenges a Phantom Dungeon which appears once every 3 years. At the

With your Insect GirlChapter 3

Koutarou Mushino, a boy who hates insects, is interested in his childhood friend Kaede Emukae. However, there is a single drawback, and that is... she has a centipede body!Between love and fear of insects, their hearts won't stop pounding in the popu

Please Give Me Your Blood I Will Serve You in GratitudeChapter 24

Please Give Me Your Blood, I Will Serve You in Gratitude manga, A long-awaited new series by the author of "Demon Mother: My Son is so Cute, I Just Can't Help Myself!"A young man picks up a young vampire girl who has fallen ill, she then tries to giv

Beware of the Vicious Dog Inside!Chapter 8

Beware of the Vicious Dog Inside! manhua, By chance, exorcist Xiao Yu was forced to start a "cohabitation" life with Hei Yao, the succubus who killed her adoptive father. However, she discovers that this succubus seems to have amnesia?!! Unable to tr

Yasashi Isekai e Youkosochapter 11

A collection of short stories about different lives in other "gentle" worlds by Ichitomo Kazutomo.These were originally oneshots from the author's twitter and pixiv. Now, they are being collected into volumes.

Vampire-chan Can't Suck ProperlyChapter 14

The overwhelming preciousness that captivates all those whose blood she sucks! A new kind of pampering and feeding comedy!

Mashuri no Hakochapter 18

Hagiri Town is a lonely country town. People have sometimes avoided getting into that topic because of the unusual nature of 56 people missing in the past 30 years. Meanwhile, a male teacher, Gunji has been assigned to a high school in the town. Wher

Ramia-YanaChapter 64
Perv*rts’ Apartment ComplexChapter 21

Perv*rts' Apartment Complex , Ingoku DanchiThis apartment complex has a problem with perv*rted women!Yoshida is a tiny, frail highschool graduate who became an unwilling manager of an apartment complex when his father, the former manager, injured hi

What’s Wrong With Liking Big Tails?Chapter 5

What's Wrong With Liking Big Tails? manhua, They say the big shot light slayer Erl has no interest in women, but only he knows that none of YOU are his type~

Qing DongChapter 8

Miwaku no MakazokuChapter 5

PangeaChapter 3
ActionSupernaturalMartial arts

Monokano – Mononoke Kanoji-tachi to Matching Shita Shushoku no OreChapter 4

Monokano Mononoke Kanoji-tachi to Matching Shita Shushoku no Ore manga, Monokano Me, a Staple Food that Matched with the Mononoke Girls , Yuya Kusaka, a carefree salaryman, who was enjoying his single life, until a kouhai colleague of him invited h

Uwa Youjo TsuyoiChapter 13

Uwa Youjo Tsuyoi manga,

Tsumuji Magari x SpringChapter 5.1

Tsumuji Magari x Spring manga, , Tsumujimagari x SpringThis is a mysterious hot spring where Yokais from all over Japan gather together. Izumi Onsui, a first-year high school student, reunites with a Yokai girl at a hot spring run by her late grandf

The tiger won’t eat the dragon yet.Chapter 4

The tiger won't eat the dragon yet manga, Tora wa ryuu wo mada tabenai , The Tiger Still Don't Eat the Dragon , Tiger woman x dragon boy living together.

Monster mangaChapter 2

Monster manga , Kaiju

When I Went to Another World, My Little Sister Was Already Reigning as The Demon Lord (Webcomic)Chapter 8

A full colour 4p webcomic for Isekai Ittara, sudeni Imouto ga Maou toshite Kunrinshiteita Hanashi serialized version.

Kaibutsu Shoujo wa Hatsukoi no Yume wo Miru ka?Chapter 21.5

Kaibutsu Shoujo wa Hatsukoi no Yume wo Miru ka? manga, Kusanagi Sousuke's childhood friend, Mikadodai Kyoko possesses world-renown intellect! Known as a living national treasure, not only are there rumors of her being called a monster throughout Eart