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Crown Prince’s Marriage ProposalChapter 58

Read manhwa Crown Prince's Marriage Proposal / The Crown Prince's Proposal / / In an alternate reality, the Republic of Korea is a constitutional monarchy ruled by the royal family of the Joseon Dynasty (1392-). One day, the shocking announcement i

Manga Old TestamentChapter 13

The "Old Testament," often called the world's best-selling book, which has formed the basis for Islam, Judaism, and Christianity. Follow the trials and tribulations of G**'s people, depicted with the unique touches of Satonaka Machiko, one of Japan's

Furitsumore Kodoku na Shi yoChapter 23

Furitsumore Kodoku na Shi yo

Bizarre restaurantChapter 40

Read Bizarre restaurantGone are the days of stinky tofu, durian, and surstrming. Have you ever heard of them? They're the worst dishes ever! But what if it's able to help you become stronger?! TERRA's food, which boasts of the worst taste in all dime

Aman and MaichaChapter 2

What's it like to have a mean cat?Follow the hilarious daily life of the stinky-faced bi*** cat "Maicha" and the maso***** cat owner "Aman" that every cat owner can relate to!There are also wonderful stories between Maichas cat friends and Amans frie

I will temporarily protect the male leadChapter 50HOT

Fostering the Male Lead I somehow took over the body of a villainess in a novel. Originally, I was supposed to die after coveting the male lead, but instead, I decided to become a rich unemployed woman and enjoy a life full of pleasures. "You said yo

Karekore the Half BloodChapter 2

One day, the entirety of the Earth was suddenly reborn into a parallel universe, and everything outside of the planet became known as "the other space". In that parallel universe, there is a three-person group that operates a general store called the

Watashi no Koi no HajimekataChapter 1

Seishun Scans: "I want to see the look on Senpai's face when she falls in love.'' Chisaki, a reality dating show geek, has formed many couples in her daily life and because of this, everyone calls her Machiapu Senpai (MatchApp-senpai). She had given

Hardcore Leveling Warrior: Earth GameChapter 41

I'm... back! After a comet collides on Earth, a gaming world filled with monsters and dungeons becomes a reality. Amidst the chaos, Ethan wakes up as Hardcore Leveling Warrior, an almighty game character with exceptional luck and power. Once again, h

Ten Ways To Get Dumped By A TyrantChapter 41

I became the fiance of the tyrannous male lead. A character who becomes a villainess because of her obsession with the beautiful tyrant. It goes without saying that in the end she gets killed by the tyrant. Nevertheless, this was just in the nick of

Isekai Maid no Mitsuboshi GourmetChapter 2.3

Gluttonous girl Shirley has been reborn in another world, but there is one problem: the new world does not seem to have hamburgers, beef bowls, or ramen noodles she loves so much. While missing the previous life's age of plenty, she rouses herself to

Bing Jiao Meimei Zhi Xiang Rang Wo Qifu TaChapter 35

The protagonist, who is a novelist, deeply detests women who appear innocent and pure but are manipulative, so she intentionally creates such a main character in her book and arranges for her to be mistreated repeatedly! However, she never imagined t

The Playgirl and The PrinceChapter 35

I have 90 billion licking goldChapter 296HOT

Chen Yuan, a loser college student, licked the goddess Lin Shutong wildly for three years but was kicked by her. In grief, he accidentally activated the dog-licking gold system. It has 90 billion dog-licking gold in its memory. It can only be used to

Playboy Repents and is Reborn into a Complicated Relationship with Five PeopleChapter 3

The playboy is reborn at a crucial moment in '1 Day with 4 Suitors.' To survive, he sends them all breakup letters and runs away. Unexpectedly, his exes all rush to seduce him, and the guy he sought shelter with seems to have increasingly intense eye

A white mage who was exiled after being handed a knife in an SSS rank dungeon. Due to the curse of Yggdrasil, he overcame his weak point, lack of magical power, and became the strongest in the world.Chapter 14.2

Rei, a white mage who belongs to an A-rank adventurer party, is expelled from the party as a useless person who cannot move after using Heal once. Only one dagger was handed over.Left alone in the SSS rank dungeon, Labyrinth of Yggdrasil, he prepares

Golden-Eyed BariChapter 1
WebtoonsActionDramaMartial arts

A thousand years ago, a war erupted between humans, backed by "Lifespans," and the gods. In this war, there was one g** who fought on the side of humans, her name was "Ogu."The defeated "Lifespans" were divided into ten thousand insects and scattered

Small(Eulseung)Chapter 7

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Yume ka Utsutsu kaChapter 2

SeishunScans: Youth romance between a girl who has a hard time talking to people and her supportive senpai, a boy no one knows.

Harapeko Oyako to Motokare YanushiChapter 1
ST✰R: Strike it RichChapter 30

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The Final LoopChapter 2

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The secrets of the lovely duchessChapter 28

Read manhwa The secrets of the lovely duchess / Luclia is a girl who was trapped in the demon archduke's dungeon for seven years and saw ghosts. One day the prison wall collapsed and a man came. "Wow! are you a prince?" "Sorry, I'm just a duke." D

The Lady Who Sees Through It All!: A Broken Engagement Fuels Her Extraordinary PowersChapter 1

Cierra was reborn as a noble lady after falling tragically to her death right after her fiance called off their marriage in her past life. With a second chance at life, she gets engaged to Prince Elliot and it seems like she'll finally get her happy

Watashi wo Yashinatte! Yuusha-SamaChapter 1

After our protagonist saves a girl dressed as an elf at a doujinshi event, she starts calling him "Hero". He thought it was only a temporary role-playing session, but it seems the girl is serious about it... The curtains open for the difficult days a

Food Truck Owner Inside the DungeonChapter 4

Read manhwa Food Truck Owner Inside the Dungeon / Food Truck Owner In the Dungeon / "Don't yearn for a world different from yours, just live a normal life." Hunters, dungeons, I'm not interested in any of those. My life followed one single path t

Love War's VictoryChapter 27.5

Collection of one-shots about an egocentric and workaholic couple.This series is from the artist's Weibo, so no set update.Weibo: @FRENCHIls sont collgues, ils sont amants, mais au travail l'amour n'a pas sa place et tous les coups sont permis !

ANKOKU DeltaChapter 16

In the otherworldly city of Delta, its grotesque residents sustain themselves by consuming human energy...! This gritty, action-packed tale marks the first full series from the up-and-coming talent who captivated audiences with the one-shots "Death S

First Love, Lasting HateChapter 54

Eunha, whose dream is to become a teacher, has finally become a university student. However, she discovers that her childhood friend and first love, Ha Seungmin, is also in her class. Seungmin used to be a bully in middle and high school and had almo

Kankei Kaizen wo Akiramete Kyori wo Oitara, Shiotaioudatta Konyakusha ga Karande Kuru you ni NarimashitaChapter 3

"I was forced to take Beatrice as my fiance. I was reluctant from the beginning."Beatrice, the hated duke's daughter, knew that her fianc, Prince Ernest, was saying that. She decides to keep her distance from the prince."Come to think of it, until no

Isn’t My Husband Something Else?Chapter 4

"I got my happy ending after marriage! Or so I thought..." Three ladies who went to the same school together admit they have dated nothing but losers. Miraculously, they have all gotten married, but marriage was not the goal. A controlling husband, a

The Otaku Love ConnectionChapter 7

The girl sitting next to me, Kakoi Yuzuru, has the cutest face. Alas, she also has an absolute stunner of a boyfriend, Kawai Chihiro. And me? Well, I'm just their biggest shipper, Otonari Wataru, living out a happy-go-lucky high school life!"A school

Tower Of GodChapter 632HOT

What do you desire? Fortune? Glory? Power? Revenge? Or something that surpasses all others? What ever you desire, "that is here". Tower of God.

I Won’t Accept Your RegretsChapter 128

Read manhwa I Won't Accept Your Regrets / "I can't promise you love, but I'll have no other woman but you."I thought it would be okay. Even if he didn't love me, I thought my love would make our marriage happy. But that naive wish was soon shattere

Even Monsters Like FairytalesChapter 27.1
You Shou YanChapter 923

In the wake of scientific advancement, the once majestic mythological animals can't be compared to the olden days now. The mythological animal Si Bu Xiang received orders to descend to the mortal world and to help out other mythological animals in di

Happily Ever...Dead?!Chapter 11

What happens when the devil takes a liking to you? That's what happened to one boy, who happened to end up in the devil's seductive gaze. An underworld fantasy BL about an obsessed demon and a pitiful boy just trying to escape!+

Up & DownChapter 6

Jisoo and Hyun-oh have been dating for three years. One day, Hyun-oh, who had gone abroad for a language study program, suddenly decides not to return home on the promised date, leaving Jisoo feeling disappointed. Coincidentally, Jisoo ends up celebr

One Touch WallflowerChapter 8

Karasuda, a reclusive shut-in, finds himself unable to go to school because of his overwhelming libido?! A BL romantic comedy about a very caring chairman and a very "sensitive" gloomy boy. Washimi, affectionately dubbed "the best caregiver," is task

Hallym GymnasiumChapter 181

I want to be the strongest man in the world.'Jeon Young-ha, who practiced wrong strength, enters Hallym Gymnasium, realizes his true strength, and becomes a martial artist.

Batsu HareChapter 32

Royal DarlingChapter 4

After 16 years of unrequited feelings, King Luna finds himself entangled in a whirlwind of love and family with his crush, Captain of the Knights, Jake. It all begins with an innocent request from Luna's younger brother: 'I want a Mama and Papa!' As

Natsume to NatsumeChapter 40.2

"I want to be her hero."Shiranui Natsume, a 2nd year high school student, admires his childhood friend, Minazuki Natsume, who is always coming to help him whenever he's in trouble and showing him the way.He strives to one day be like her: cool, compo

Bad Boy Takeo's Sexual SupervisionChapter 6

"Repeat another year as a child, or let me have my way with you and become an adult!" Takeo, a troubled youth frequently caught up in fights, finds himself paired with the Student Council President, Yushi. Yushi was assigned to be his watch dog and t

The Innocent Incubus and the Sinful PriestChapter 2

"There is nothing more attractive than a lustful incubus trying to hold themselves back...!" Dive into a delightful fantasy BL tale where a playboy priest and a devoted, pure-hearted incubus find themselves entangled in a sweet and spicy romance! Noa

Ningen ni Koi Shita Oni wa WarauChapter 36

The boy I met that day is a grandpa now, and I can't be a grandma with him because I'm a demon. Why are you a human and I'm a demon?A slightly painful tale of a boy carrying darkness and a demon who doesn't know love.

The Cannon Fodder Princess Wants To LastChapter 37

On the way to escape the marriage, the heroine fell into the lake due to a miscalculation of a math problem, and passed through to the former princess Mu Yunkai who was being hunted down. As long as the system settings are full, you can return to the

I Adopted the Male Lead from the Shelter 〘Official〙Chapter 34

In a universe ripped from the pages of a story, Siena Robert, a self-aware villainess, strives to rewrite her fate. Daughter of a man running a therianthrope shelter, she discovers Ivan Levdilin, the captivating male lead, detained within. Aware of h

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