The Crescent ScholarChapter 7

.In his childhood, the only son of three generations of only sons, Yoo Weol, narrowly escaped a burning mountain with the help of the wolf spirit. Afterwards, to level the combination of yin and yang caused by change in constitution, his name was cha

Secret Fetish AnthologyChapter 13 : i’m a coward, but it’s oka...

.The hidden dangeroussecrets of five stories.Let's meet them now

Mesuiki x Ureoji BLChapter 11.5

.Coming relentlessly, melting relentlessly, panting relentlessly."Old man, do you like it when I make this place all sloppy?"At an average of 45, their sense of reason is blown away.[Includes bonus illustrations]cover IllustrationNiyamaHon Toku "Alc

Futago Yuri Ecchi AnthologyChapter 8

Cover art: Souji Hougu ()Chapter 1 KanroameChapter 2 SutoChapter 3 Shiratama MotiChapter 4 Hinahara EmiChapter 5 Aoto HibikiChapter 6 Kodama NaokoChapter 7 Yakiniku TeishokuChapter 8 Hanryuu

Yagate Kimi ni Naru: Official AnthologyChapter 26

Official anthology of the yuri manga Blooming into You!Story 1 : Can I bloom into you someday? (Hiragi Yutaka)Story 2 : Perhaps a constellation like that (Canno)Story 3 : Floating Maiden (Chomoran)Story 4: Onigiri,Coquette,Tamagoyaki (Miyama Okara)St

Maya and Claudine (MayaKuro) Short Comics CompilationChapter 42

A compilation of short twitter comics about Maya Tendou and Claudine Saijou (a.k.a. MayaKuro) from the anime Shoujo Kageki Revue Starlight.

Teacher x Student Yuri Anthology ComicChapter 10

Teacher x Student Yuri

Jingai Yuri AnthologyChapter 9

Story 1 Oni x Yamagami Demon and Mountain Goddess (Yukiko)Story 2 Welcome to the Zoo Bar (Mintarou)Story 3 The Sacrificial Bride (Nekotarou)Story 4 Room "2" (NANAMIYA Tsugumi)Story 5 "I wish I could fly" (MIZUTANI Yuzu & KAEDE Yuu)Story 6 A Candle f

Citrus Comic Anthology: Lovely PartyChapter 11

Anthology added as a bonus book with special edition of Citrus volume 8.Story 1 : a sign (Kunerin)Story 2 : Cry, Baby, Cry (Kiyoko Iwami)Story 3 : How it looks in the heart ( Yayoi Osawa)Story 4 : I wanna know more (Aya Oryu)Story 5 : Does as the kin

I Want to Do All Sorts of Things with Those Plump Melons!Chapter 8

Collection of short stories about melons by various authors.

Mebae – Vivid Yuri AnthologyChapter 1

Catch! by G-complex (YUI_7)Hatsukoi Wadzurahi (The Pain of Your First Love) by AMABUKI ZarameMayonaka Yonaka no Accept (Sexually Frustrated Office Ladies) by ONO HirokiNoroi no Aoi-chan (The Cursed Aoi-chan) by ARATA IriPoanto by NAGATSUKI MisokaPers

Yamakusa Yuu Today's DoodleChapter 4

Yamakusa Yuu Today's Doodle

Kisu wa kossori to.Chapter 4

[i]Collection of oneshots[/i][b]1. Taka no Me wa Gomakasenai[/b]Mami, who is about to graduate from high school, is looking for a chance to confess to her three-year-older childhood friend, Harutaka. On the way home from school, while Harutaka is sen

Gurasu no Kutsu wo NigisuteteChapter 6

Contains 5 Short Stories: Aki attends her co-workers' wedding and wishes she could have a wedding of her own with her girlfriend, Youko. - Distribute Your Happiness(Shiawase wo Wakenasai) - Take off Your Glass Shoes(Glass no Kutsu wo Nugisutete)

Go Nagai Short StoriesChapter 0

Absolute Darling GirlfriendsChapter 4
Black Jack MChapter 5

Zombie Land Saga ANTHOLOGYChapter 8

Yume no SonoChapter 4