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The Princess Wishes To Die Peacefully!Chapter 41

Alternative ???? ?? ?? ?? I now possess the body of Ophelia, the villainess in the story The Crown Prince Returns'.And just like the protagonists in the other reincarnated novels, I thought I would fare well.I died by getting guillotined the first ti

Leveling Up By Killing GodsChapter 71

The abyss descends, and the invasion of the alien races begins... The young boy stands amidst the dense white mist, with no light ahead or behind him. In this situation, how will he make his choices? In the era of the Long Night, do the gods truly li

Left Handed MutationChapter 58

Human genes mutate, those with extraordinary genes may gain superpowers, and those with monster genes may mutate into monsters. Xingcun, who became a monster, was awakened and later reborn after the sacrifice of the heroine. In this life, the prodiga

Hero Girl x Healer Boy: Touch or DeathChapter 17

Hero Girl x Healer Boy: Touch or Death manga, In a world where heroes fight against evil from space sometimes they get hurt and in comes a man with special powers a massage that heals.

VillainsChapter 60.1

Unable to activate his superpowers since graduating from the prestigious Hero Academy, Ron struggles to land a job as a superhero. One day, Ron accepts a mysterious job interview where he gets scouted by Darren. The job? Be Darren's personal assistan

Koi wa sekai seifuku no ato deChapter 37

Leader of hero squadron "Gerato 5 (Five)" aiming for world peace, Aikawa Fudou and fight leader of secret society "Gecko" aiming to conquer the world, Magahara Desumi there was a deep "fate" between the two that belong to opposite organizations !! T

Kabushiki Gaisha Magi LumiereChapter 114

Kabushiki Gaisha Magi Lumiere , MagiLumiere Co., Ltd. Kabushiki Gaisha MagiLumiere Manga about a girl who was looking for a job and ended up in a corporation of magical girls fighting monsters.

Unrivaled in the World of SuperpowersChapter 27
ActionMartial arts

The peerless cultivator, Shangguan Yun, unexpectedly lands in a world brimming with beings endowed with superpowers. Despite his initial intentions to adapt and live a serene life, he is continuously confronted with challenges. However, none of these

This Bigshot is Quite CarelessChapter 23

This Bigshot is Quite Careless manhua, , Powerful Big Shot Is Quite Cautious In the virtual platform of the Alliance Academy, the masters of each academy are doing their best for the graduation assessment, and at the same time they are also waiting f

Go Nagai Short StoriesChapter 0

Power StudentsChapter 14

Hong-ik is a very timid and shy boy that he wants no attention to draw near to him no wonder he has no friends at all, but despite that situation, he discovers that he has power beyond his wildest imagination. What will he do now that he enters a sch

Rapture callChapter 7

If you've ever wondered, what happened to the Gods of the ancient world? Where did they come from? Why did they disappear so suddenly? You're about to find your answers here. Little Gabriel has stumbled into the world we've been blind to all this tim

Tanzaburo Tojima Wants To Be Kamen RiderChapter 4
ActionMartial artsSupernatural

Ever since he was born, Tanzaburo dreamed of becoming a Kamen Rider. Even as a 40 year old adult, he continued to dream about becoming one and he would train and exercise regularly. One day, "Shocker" appeared and attacked a convenience store to rob

Decide to Be a VillainChapter 1

Decide to Be a VillainSan Kim, an ordinary comic book maniac. One day, he becomes a superman' who unintentionally exerts transcendental power while forcibly swallowing an unknown object by the Iljin. A hero' who has to go through hardships to solve t

Super Affection SystemChapter 24

a college student got transmigrated in fantasy word of the game he loved the most and acquiring a new system. watch as Liu Yuan start this journey to scam his way to the top

Saitama in the One Piece universeChapter 5
ActionComedyMartial arts

Saitama in the One Piece universe manga, A crossover fancomic of One Punch Man and One Piece

Dark HeroChapter 16.5

"Just nowis thatis it light?" Five heroes take on the mission to lead mankind to break through many difficulties and restart the light. In 2261 A.D., in order to punish human beings for destroying the solar system, the g**-rank civilization blocked t

Astro Boy 2003Chapter 98

The English version of the Astro Boy 2003 Manga was published and translated by Chuang Yi , distributed by Madman Entertainment and exclusively for sale within Australia and New Zealand due to Astro's popularity down under. Now uploaded in better qua

Doomsday jigsaw puzzleChapter 16

doomsday jigsaw puzzle

Renata Tate Goddess for HireChapter 15
The Right To InvokeChapter 15

The Right To Invoke manhwa, Right Holder , He can control anything without interference. This ability is one that everyone just takes for granted, Rights. While using The right to control everything', Joo Hwiseong can spend his days conveniently, but

World Conquest of Shrimp KingdomChapter 3

Genius super villain doctor sachiko tries to conquer the world with her genetically engineered supervillains

Darkness Heels -Lili-Chapter 5.3

Darkness Heels -Lili- , Where there is "light", there is also "darkness". The Warriors of darkness versus the Ultra Warriors, the symbols of light . Ultraman Belial, Camearra, Evil Tiga, Dark Zagi, and Jugglus Juggler. The story of "darkness" and it

Invisible JoeChapter 17

Invisible Joe ,

Batman: The Child of DreamsChapter 1.22

Batman: The Child of Dreams manga, While doing a news story in Gotham City, a documentary team from Tokyo films Batman as he rescues a group of hostages from the villianous Two-Face. The only problem is that Two-Face is still locked up in Arkham Asyl


The city of freedom, Neo York, is targeted by villains day and night, but it's also home to the strongest hero, Golden Man!!! But one night, during a rescue operation at a fire at an abandoned factory, Golden Man suddenly disappears. Left in his plac

AbsolutionChapter 1

Read Absolution MangaIn real-life police departments, officers who work in Special Victims Units must rotate out, or otherwise, they become affected by the horrible things they see in the course of their jobs. Absolution explores the idea that if pol